Online Digital Compliance Portal

An easy to use intuitive dashboard.

Our food safety and due diligence compliance software is powered by a system designed by food safety experts. The portal can assist you with ensuring that you not only meet your legal obligations but also aid in reducing wastage and produce fantastic products for your customers to enjoy.

The Charnwood Digital Compliance software is easy to use and understand. It can be used for far more than recording kitchen checks. Health and safety and team member training records can be recorded on the system

The system can include automatic temperature sensors for your fridges and freezers, which will seamlessly record the temperature of each unit. The kitchen team can then spend more time on preparing foods rather than completing paperwork.

An easy to use intuitive dashboard.

Information buttons are available at most points to advise team members how to complete their checks and suggest corrective actions where appropriate.

Weekly and monthly performance can be reviewed. Trends can be monitored and corrective actions can be implemented more quickly.

Due diligence information can be quickly and easily provided for inspections and audits.

We offer support to assist you in the setting up the portal. The portal is available for multi-site applications and individual outlets alike.

There are different levels of the system available at very cost effective fees.

To learn more about our Digital Compliance Portal, or to purchase access, please contact Stuart on 07702 446 451